12 Beauty Products on my Wishlist

Any excuse is a good excuse to buy new makeup and the transition from summer to A/W is my most recent. This post features 12 beauty products I think are perfect for this autumn!

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Warm browns, natural pinks and golden highlights are perfect hues for this Autumn and each of these products are on my wishlist. I used the Selfridges website to collate my wishlist because I personally think they have the best range of beauty products.

Although some of these products are quite expensive, I always have a mix of high end and low end products because I geninely feel that it doesn’t matter how expensive or inexpensive your makeup is, as long as you like it and think it looks good. Nobody can tell if your eyeshadow was £5 or £35! The main reason I occasionally fall for more expensive products is because I’m a sucker for high-end packaging. If I think it looks really pretty, I’m probably going to buy it.. It’s bad, I know!

Click on the descriptions below to shop!

  1. CHARLOTTE TILBURY Hollywood Beauty Light Contour Wand £29 Medium Dark

    One of my favourite brands at the moment is Charlotte Tilbury and whilst searching for a new contour, I came across their new Beauty Light Wand online. The images made it look slightly glittery so I tried it on in their store just around the corner from where I work. You only need a really small amount but it blends in really seamlessly and feels silky smooth on your skin – it isn’t glittery at all! As a result, I have added it to my wishlist. Incase you are in need of a new highlighter also, the Charlotte Tilbury website features an exclusive deal including the contour and highlight wands for £51. You can also select two free samples at the checkout so it’s pretty tempting!

  2. NYX Ultimate multi-finish eyeshadow palette £18 Warm Rust

    I am so surprised at how pretty the colours are in this NYX eyeshadow palette. I’ve never tried this brand of makeup before but this product and the price makes it high up on my wishlist. The colours are a mix of warm pinks, browns and oranges, some matte and some shimmery. I was considering buying the MAC burgandy palette (£22) or the Morphe 35W 35 Color Warm Palette (£22.50) however after seeing this one for £18 and the colours inside, I’m really curious to try it out.

  3. BEAUTYBLENDER Beautyblender swirl £16

    I have never actually tried the real Beautyblender before and have had bad experiences with cheaper versions. I feel like even when I have tried to clean my knock-off beauty blenders, the foundation never fully washes out. I’ve also had some that are really hard and don’t feel comfortable when I try to blend more delicate areas such as underneath my eyes. Perhaps it is time I try the real thing and get into a routine of washing it more frequently!

  4. TOM FORD Boys & Girls Lip Colour Sheer Girls £29 Fabiola

    The Tom Ford lipstick in Fabiola is a darker nude than I would usually go for, however, now that it’s Autumn, I think this colour will look really pretty and complement the colours of the NYX eyeshadow palette. Again like the beautyblender, I have never treated myself to Tom Ford beauty products because they are so expensive but I would love to try one of their sleek, sophisticated products.

  5. FLORIS Cherry blossom eau de parfum 100ml £120

    At the moment I am trying to find a new perfume and I don’t want to go for a really obvious brand. I fancy trying something a bit different and I love sweet smells so when I saw this Cherry blossom eau de parfum by Floris I thought it could be a strong contender. I have never seen this brand before but I’m guessing by the price and the Royal Warrant that this will have a true, long lasting smell. Hopefully well worth the £120! I never buy perfume straight from the internet so I would definitely need to try it in person beforehand.

  6. IT COSMETICS Superhero™ Mascara £19

    I have not yet come across a mascara that I really like. My issue is that my eyelashes are quite thick and practically bend downwards so even when I use an eyelash curler they seem to flatten out. To try and find one that has been popular, I looked on the Selfridges ‘bestsellers’ and found It Cosmetics Superhero mascara. It is really decently priced so if it isn’t perfect I’m not too worried but again I would need to try it before buying.

  7. LAURA MERCIER Loose setting powder £29
  8. NARS Soft Matte Complete concealer £24 Custard
  9. GIORGIO ARMANI Luminous Silk foundation £40 6.5

    I first tried the Laura Mercier powder and Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation earlier this year and they are now my favourite products which I can’t live without! I’m running out so I had to add them to my wishlist. I also have the Nars raidiant creamy concealer however, I would like to try their soft matte complete concealer to see what the difference is like between the two.

  10. DR JART+ Rubber Mask Firm Lover™ £10

    Facemasks are something I really enjoy doing but actually don’t do enough. Sometimes when my skin is playing up and I have a breakout I avoid using too many products on my skin, especially new products that my skin isn’t used to. I find that my skin reacts well to moisturising and plumping facemasks like this one by Dr Jart+ so I am keen to try it.

  11. ESTEE LAUDER Victoria Beckham X Estée Lauder Highlighter 7.5g £55

    I am so in love with the Victoria Beckham X Estee Lauder products but my favourite has to be this highlighter. The colour is so beautiful and creates the most stunning glow on your cheekbones. Obviously it doesn’t help that the packaging is as amazing as the product inside.

  12. CHANEL LE VERNIS Nail Colour £18 Chataigne

    Last but not least, I love this dark magenta nail polish by Chanel called Chataigne. I think it will look really nice in Autumn/Winter and will add some colour to my mostly black wardrobe!

Please let me know if you have any beauty product recommendations for this autumn by commenting below. Thank you for reading!

Marcia x

5 thoughts on “12 Beauty Products on my Wishlist

  1. I got a mini Superhero mascara in an Ipsy one time and it was great. Once I got through that, I bought the full size one and it was very clumpy! I was really disappointed but I read that you should leave it open over night to let it dry up a little to avoid that issue. Hope this helps!


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